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http://www.simplybabyfurniture.com There is lots of planning that needs to be done as a new parent. But the most fun and important task is to create your baby's ...

  • The homestay from hell

    01/12/16 ,via Pune Mirror

    No feet wiping mats (one of our towels that we had the foresight to carry doubled as a foot mat), no reading lights, no wash basin, just a loo and not a single piece of furniture besides this carvy-sharvy half-bed. Your bags went on the floor. For tea

  • 6 necessities for your baby's room

    10/08/15 ,via Sturgis Journal

    Before even you start picking out furniture or choosing a theme (Winnie the Pooh? Superhero? How about old fashioned cute and cuddly?), make sure that your future nursery is safe. This means removing any obvious hazard such as lead paint or mold.

  • Inside Wes Chatham and Jenn Brown's Rustic Nursery: We Wanted to Honor Our Southern Roots

    09/23/15 ,via People Magazine

    The TV personality teamed up with Oilo to create a rustic nursery for John Nash, her 10-month-old son with her husband, actor Wes Chatham. Working with designers Annalisa Thomas and Dorte Anderson, Brown and Chatham — who will next appear as 

  • Where to Outfit Your Nursery

    08/27/15 ,via D Magazine

    from Dwell Studio, Oeuf, and Bloom. The staff is knowledgeable when it comes to the latest and greatest necessities and can help you stock up for baby's first few months at home. 6721 Snider Plaza. 469-232-9420 specializes in contemporary baby

  • Growing need for foster parents strains region

    09/25/15 ,via Journal and Courier

    Half asleep, Lydia Brownfield washed the infant and sterilized baby bottles. For example, when biological parents visit their children, they are supposed to bring necessities such as diapers, food and formula — a small way to prove they're ready

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The homestay from hell - Pune Mirror

Even though it is quite popular these days, sometimes it is just better to stay home than to homestay. Before the phrase became popular and common in India, elegantly elderly couples in some of our hill stations offered precisely this form of paid hospitality. The unwritten rules were clear: a certain 'homey' degree of hygiene, convenience and home cooking was on offer, the hosts were around, but you got to eat in your private corner. the host would spend a little time with you, perhaps at breakfast or sundown, talking about this and that. Any lacunae in this informal service provided to the guest were awkwardly but amicably brought up and resolved. There was no question of stomping around and demanding to 'see the management' if you were not satisfied as a guest. Repeat visitors was the norm, once host and guest took a liking to one another. The last some years have seen a proliferation of so-called homestays and like all things that multiply rapidly in our country, this too has turned into an iffy and unpredictable phenomenon. Going by ratings online, reviews, descriptions by the host and other such coordinates, is sometimes simply not enough to give you a real picture of what to expect. Take, for instance, a recent trip we made to a Konkan beach-front homestay. The pictures showed a pretty carved bed (the only thing even remotely pretty as it turned out), a campfire, a plate overflowing with fish fry, a pristine beach, a tiled roof. On top of it all, it said this was a pet-friendly place. Now, here's what something like this can shake down too, though: a room with just that, a bed on which Thumbelina might be very comfortable. No feet wiping mats (one of our towels that we had the foresight to carry doubled as a foot mat), no reading lights, no wash basin, just a loo and not a single piece of furniture besides this carvy-sharvy half-bed. For tea and food, a tired, weary-looking woman coaxed a fire into performing and said apologetically in Marathi: "After my son got this idea to put this on the internet, I have had to really work so hard. " And this, while her husband cranks up an old scooter to buy veggies and fish with worry lines on his forehead at the terribly high price of everything in the market. All the while, the willy-nilly host told us how large groups. Source: www.punemirror.in

6 necessities for your baby's room - Sturgis Journal

Baby on the way. One of the most immediate is preparing a special living space for the impending arrival. While it may be tempting to just redo a spare bedroom in pastel paint and call it quits, let’s make it clear right now that you won’t get off so easily. Despite their small size, babies come equipped with the need for an awful lot of stuff, and it will be your job to find room for it all. On top of that, they do best in an environment that is light, bright, safe, serene and comfortable. So here’s what you have to think about when getting your nursery ready. Before even you start picking out furniture or choosing a theme (Winnie the Pooh. How about old fashioned cute and cuddly. ), make sure that your future nursery is safe. This means removing any obvious hazard such as lead paint or mold. It also includes ensuring healthy indoor air quality by using low- or no-volatile organic compound paint, furnishings and flooring. Look out for dangling curtain cords, free-floating draperies or the like near the crib -- or blankets, bumper pads and stuffed animals inside it -- as they may pose a strangulation risk. Easily tipped over furniture, such as bookcases, should be anchored to the wall. Now we come to the easy part -- picking a nice color to paint the nursery walls. Do you intend to find out whether Junior is a boy or a girl … and if so, are you ready to announce that fact to all and sundry who glance at the room before the birth. Isn’t gender-neutral decor more fashionable these days anyway. In fact, we’ve heard that the new pink or blue is actually a charming (. ) shade of black. Good luck with whatever you end up picking, but just remember that pastels and other pale hues are lower in VOCs. You will be spending more nighttime hours than you could ever imagine in that darn … er … adorable nursery, so proper lighting is a must. You’ll need sufficient light to take care of necessary care-related tasks, but not enough to jolt a (thank goodness -- finally. ) sleepy baby into wakefulness. Consider equipping the overhead fixture with a dimmer switch. A lamp next to your chair is also recommended. Turning your heating system way, way down on winter nights to save energy is a fantastic green idea … except when it comes to the nursery. A separately controlled thermostat is an excellent idea to keep your little one warm. Source: www.sturgisjournal.com

Inside Wes Chatham and Jenn Brown's Rustic Nursery: We Wanted to Honor Our Southern Roots - People Magazine

PEOPLE: What was your inspiration for the nursery. Jenn: Seeing that both Wes and I are from the South, we wanted to bring in a rustic chic feel for Nash’s room. Annalisa from Oilo came up with the entire look for the room and I couldn’t be happier with the way it came out. Nash’s nursery is definitely my favorite room in the house. PEOPLE: What’s your favorite part of the room. Jenn: Gosh, I love it all, but I think my favorite part is the wallpaper. I instantly fell in love with it as soon as Annalisa sent it to me. I was so impressed how she was able to get it all to come together. We started with the wallpaper along with her fabulous bedding, then Newport Cottages helped come up with a custom stain for the furniture and finally she accented the room with some super cute pieces we found on Etsy. PEOPLE: Is Nash sleeping through the night in his crib. Or are you still transitioning him to his own room. Jenn: I am happy to say that Nash is FINALLY sleeping through the night in his own crib. This all started, literally, a week ago. We are going on five straight days now of him not waking up in the middle of the night. We are so happy and I kind of don’t want to say too much for fear I’ll jinx it. PEOPLE: Was Wes involved in the design. Jenn: Wes, like me, had no problem handing over the design ideas to Annalisa. We had seen her work with other nurseries and knew we were in good hands. Wes did get involved when it came time for some of the heavy lifting. He helped hang curtains and put furniture together, so he was still very much involved. PEOPLE: What is Nash up to these days. Any new milestones. Jenn: As I mentioned, the most recent milestone for Nash is that he is sleeping through the night, and it has been glorious. He’s not walking yet, but I feel like it could happen at any moment. His favorite thing to do is stand on our couch and lean against the back cushions and dance. PEOPLE: What’s up next for you — any new projects. Jenn: Right now,. Source: celebritybabies.people.com
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