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  • Found: The Summer House of Your Dreams

    01/13/16 ,via Lonny Magazine

    A round dining table with considerable heft contrasts handsomely with a set of Bertoia wire chairs. In another room, antique Turkish textile pillows and an English oil painting share the space with 19th-century Berber rugs and a colonial American trunk.

  • Driff-Raff: Happy Mondays, Bummed & Driffield

    02/01/16 ,via The Quietus

    I remember hearing the crash and coming out of the studio office to see what had happened, to find both of them looking like flour graders; covered in grey dust and standing next to the big chunk of ceiling that had missed them by a whisker. Spence

  • The 50 greatest hotels in the world

    01/17/16 ,via Telegraph.co.uk

    Housed in a mansion built in 1910, the hotel's design shows how it might have looked in its day, with candlelit, parquet-floored drawing rooms furnished with contemporary and vintage Scandinavian furniture – one with a grand piano for all to play

  • Aurélie Monet Kasisi adds wooden walls to family home

    01/12/16 ,via Dezeen

    The second room was transformed into the bedroom for the au pair and the office. The office Kasisi – whose previous projects include a food cart for a suicide prevention organisation – also designed a set of pine plywood accessories for the newly

  • Grandma's in Eque's 4th birthday

    01/23/16 ,via Sun.Star

    To the delight of both sets of grandparents, Eque who resides in Canada with parents Paulo Zayco and Dot Velez was home for a few months. Mommy No grey locks for my mom and the weekly trip to the parlor. Grandmas were coif and elegant. As a grandma

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    Home / Nursery Furniture / Malmö smoked grey
  • ... Malmo Grey Nursery Furniture Set contemporary-nursery-furniture-sets
    ... Malmo Grey Nursery Furniture Set contemporary-nursery-furniture-sets
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    Gray Nursery Furniture Sets

Driff-Raff: Happy Mondays, Bummed & Driffield - The Quietus

Of the four albums the Happy Mondays recorded during their first incarnation (1980-1993) most have their fair share of tales surrounding their creation. On their debut album Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) they teamed up with John Cale as producer, a man who had recently gone teetotal around the time that they were just starting to find their groove in the world of intoxicants. Apparently his drill sergeant, tangerine-scoffing approach was somewhat at odds with band’s at the time. On Pills ‘n’ Thrills And Bellyaches they enlisted the services of DJ Paul Oakenfold to produce and to filter the hedonism of Ibiza into the rock band template. they worked with Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz as producers and relocated to Barbados, where they spent a great deal of time gorging on crack cocaine, writing off cars and then nicking and selling the recording studio’s furniture (owned by Eddy Grant) to buy even more rocks. In between these wildly varying experiences lies one album without such infamy: Bummed , their second album released in 1988. Despite it arguably being their finest moment on record and perhaps being the last truly memorable piece of production work from Martin Hannett, little is known or written about its recording. Perhaps, largely, because of the unglamorous location of its genesis: Driffield. Driffield is the town where I grew up. It’s a small market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, somewhere you’ve perhaps driven through when you were venturing up the east coast towards Bridlington or Scarborough. It is an unspectacular town to say the least and generally void of any notable cultural occurrences or creations, Woody Woodmansey (drummer in the Spiders From Mars for David Bowie) being perhaps its biggest musical export. It is representative of many small towns in the UK and the compact pub and club circuit that existed in 1988 when the band were in town hadn’t changed all that much when I started to frequent them illegally in the early 2000s. Slaughterhouse, the studio that the Mondays recorded in, would burn down a year after their visit in allegedly suspicious circumstances. Some years later it would become a night club called Hooters, a rancid place I would visit as an underage teenager, armed with a fill it-in-yourself fake ID I had purchased out of the back of Loaded. Source: thequietus.com

Grandma's in Eque's 4th birthday - Sun.Star

UNLESS invited, as a rule, I seldom attend my apo’s children’s parties. However, for Eque’s 4th birthday, this is my second year in succession because Lola Liza insists. To the delight of both sets of grandparents, Eque who resides in Canada with parents Paulo Zayco and Dot Velez was home for a few months. Mommy Dot whose creativity made the “Avengers” party pure joy for the kids personally conceptualized the invites, décor, giveaways with the assistance of her Mom, Lola Ruby (Cordova). Lola Liza (de Leon) was the master in the food division. The lolos, who share common nicknames: Bigot Velez (once mayor of Silay) and there’s Bigat (some close friends of Nonoy Zayco call him) were all smiles. Seeing so many lolas in attendance I mentioned this to Lisa and she said she wanted the glamorous grannies present and share the blessed day with them. Grandmothers over time have been a fascinating paradigm. I never met both my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother must have been an interesting lady-quite a femme fatale. Her first husband was French and after having a child and widowed, she married an American, my lolo. This was post World War I era so how she met them is a sheer puzzle. My American grandfather was no G. I. He was a concessionaire in Port Area supplying soldiers with fruits and meat. After the war, the Red Cross made an inventory of the Fil-Am babies. Rumor had it that the U. S. government wanted to bring babies back to the mainland sans their mothers. My lola for fear of being separated from her children refused to be part of the statistics. As to my paternal grandmother, she died on the delivery of her 10th child. Looking at the lolas of the time from my grandaunts, strict rules govern between children and elders. Say good morning, good afternoon and good evening, please and thank you. Kiss all your lolos, lolas, titos and titas, my Dad or Mom would say. Looking back, what did I learn from this. Keep family ties close and respect for elders. When my Andre son got engaged, I brought the engaged couple to Cebu to introduce Katy to my ailing mom and my brother. When my mom became a grandma, the Americans had already entrenched their Western influence. No grey locks for my mom and the weekly trip to the parlor. Grandmas were coif and elegant. As a grandma, I learned many. Source: www.sunstar.com.ph

Seems everyone's got hots for gray - Albany Times Union

The buzz over "50 Shades of Grey" may have faded, but interior design experts say their love affair with the color gray is definitely not a passing trend. Looking back 10 years, designer Mollie Ranize remembers gray being "perceived as a depressing color palette that was difficult to use, and no one really wanted to live in it. " Since then, gray has developed into the go-to neutral color and a favorite solution to many design dilemmas. Want to use a bold color but worry that it will overpower a room or look tacky. Mix some cool gray into even the loudest paint color and it will instantly look more subtle and sophisticated. And you can find a shade of gray that pairs well with everything. "It's kind of shocking that almost everything on the color wheel is complimentary with it," says Ranize, founder of DMar Interiors in Los Angeles. Gray works with every decorating style, from totally traditional to cutting-edge modern. Whatever the style, "gray can be a huge statement," Ranize says, so it "doesn't take a huge quantity of accents to get high impact. It also works surprisingly well in rooms where you might not expect it: Betsy Burnham , founder of Burnham Design in Los Angeles, uses dark gray kitchen cabinetry painted with a slightly shimmery satin finish. She likes using a softer shade, Benjamin Moore 's "Gray Owl," on walls, and painting the trim a crisp, cool white. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn , founder of Flynnside Out Productions, uses gray "to mediate other more dramatic colors. "If I am using a lot of black," he says, "I'll pair it with greige to keep the look more subtle and almost lower the amount of contrast. If I'm working with bold colors such as red or orange, I'll usually set them against a backdrop of dove gray or blue gray. Another combo he recommends: charcoal gray with dark hunter green and black. "All three are super-dark and rich," Flynn says, but "none are really too high-energy, resulting in a sense of glamour that's somewhat rustic and woodsy. It's a really unique look that can be pulled off in the right setting. It's "an excellent choice for a gender-neutral nursery or kid's room," Flynn says, "since you can accent it with a wide array of colors. Yet another gorgeous option: Ranize loves mixing grays with deep. Source: www.timesunion.com
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