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Blythe Collection: Elegant Nursery Furniture | Pottery Barn Kids

At Pottery Barn Kids, we believe in giving you a nursery that is uniquely yours. Rachel Kaufman, one of our furniture designers talks about the Blythe nursery ...

Mothercare Harrogate Nursery Furniture Collection

Shop the collection here: Sturdy, Vintage, Beautiful, Classic can be used to describe our Harrogate collection. With a ...

  • old house architecture vintage germany toy toys design 60s doll dolls furniture alt interior retro german decorating 1960s alter bodo spielzeug sixties mädchen furnishing dollhouse puppe puppen jahre antik alte dollshouse altes wohnen schöner inneneinrichtung hennig kinderspiel puppenhaus puppenstube puppenmöbel antikes sechziger wohnungseinrichtung „doll puppenstuben house“ puppenhäuser „doll’s puppeneinrichtung

    1960s Bodo Hennig nursery furniture

    Photo by diepuppenstubensammlerin on Flickr

  • baby white vintage basket carriage furniture nursery 1940s 1950s ba wicker bassinet

    1940s-1950s White Wicker Rolling Baby Bassinet with original padding - ShortPier

    via Wicker Paradise Favorites -

    Photo by Wicker Paradise on Flickr

  • wood vintage chair furniture small nursery ivory wicker childs potty ivor

    Vintage Wicker & Wood Chair - Primitive HandMade Child Size - Chippy Ivory Paint Doll Display - DivineOrders

    via Wicker Paradise Favorites -

    Photo by Wicker Paradise on Flickr

  • The Chair That Eames Built

    02/02/16 ,via Palm Springs Life

    The two hit it off when Ray assisted Eames and Eero Saarinen with drawings of chairs for a submission the men were completing to the Museum of Modern Art's Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition. Each one emerged a winner. Charles and Saarinen

  • Lifestyle: Escape to New York

    02/07/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The farmhouse kitchen has a large vintage sink salvaged from a flower store, which has been custom-fitted into the existing cabinets. British Standard A dining table made from old floorboards has been coupled with mismatched vintage chairs


    01/21/16 ,via Business Wire (press release)

    The exclusive collection has over 80 pieces of nursery furnishings and accessories, including furniture, bedding, lighting, wall décor, decorative accessories and storage. From sweet animal icons including the Peek-a-Boo Giraffe Lamp, Kitty Hamper and

  • Found: The Summer House of Your Dreams

    01/13/16 ,via Lonny Magazine

    A round dining table with considerable heft contrasts handsomely with a set of Bertoia wire chairs. In another room, antique Turkish textile pillows and an English oil painting share the space with 19th-century Berber rugs and a colonial American trunk.

  • Book party for kids: Children's literature crafts, games, storybook activities

    02/02/16 ,via

    Themes might be nursery rhymes, fairy tales, fantasy (even older kids will love this). Don't buy anything: set out the recycling bin, dress-up clothes, bedding, towels, boxes, camping furniture and craft supplies. Make bored snowbound children put

  • Antique baby nursery
    Antique baby nursery
  • Project of the Month: Bella’s Vintage Nursery
    Project of the Month: Bella’s Vintage Nursery
  • Original retro nursery bed design - nursery room interior
    Original retro nursery bed design - nursery room interior

Less is more for monochromatic design home in Hong Kong - The National

tep inside a Peggy Bels-designed interior, and it’s easy to identify her bold, singular style. The smooth, cement-effect walls. the pale, unfinished wooden floorboards. and the bespoke metallic doors and handles bear traces of her signature design language. While some interior designers find themselves needing to compromise their creative vision to satisfy a client’s brief, Bels strikes a balance between her clients’ needs and staying true to her definitive look and feel, as is evident in this project. Because of this, the French homebuyers enlisted Bels to inject some personality into the unremarkable space. “They wanted to renovate the flat to give it a more contemporary look, and make the living and dining areas more open to enhance the feeling of spaciousness,” explains Bels. The designer sought to combine the communal zones into one continuous area by removing a wall that divided the entrance and the living room. they were later covered in the same cement finish as the walls, transforming these design obstacles into interesting room dividers. Contrasting materials were crucial in creating a sense of dynamism in the home, seen in the clash of severe, rough metals with smooth, pale-grey walls. Bels has achieved this particular wall finish by mixing cement with water to get a milky colour – it has become a key characteristic of many of the flats she has designed. Similarly, the open, airy breakfast bar and dining area is marked by custom-made, black-metal cabinetry and a slick marble countertop. “These dark backgrounds allow the light colours to pop, creating more contrast and deepness,” the designer explains. She’s also equipped the home with many of her favourite finishes, such as metal doors and grey oak flooring, which are in line with the predominantly monochromatic mood. Wooden furnishings also soften the severity of the industrial materials. In the dining room, a wooden dining table and matching Norman Cherner chairs from Lane Crawford add a sense of warmth, as does the sideboard from Organic Modernism. Bels also custom-designed personal touches to better suit the space, such as a carpet she sourced from Pakistan and had dyed black, along with a TV. Source:

In A Dark Time, The Eye Begins to See: A 2016 Poetry Preview - NPR

our feeds are filled with news of shootings as well as the hateful speech that always results. Every year, writing this preview, I think of how poetry is one of our surest consolations. It can't do much about the fear and violence running rampant in America right now, but in the books to be published in 2016 especially, poets are taking responsibility, speaking out, identifying themselves, speaking the truth. Honesty may be poetry's best gift in the coming year, as these writers and others say what needs to be said about guns, anger, racism, family, and how we can think and feel more precisely and truthfully about one another. Twenty out of the 21 poems that compose this volume were found among the late Nobel laureate's papers in 2014. Searingly translated by Forrest Gander, they are vintage Pablo Neruda, literally and figuratively — untitled meditations on all his favorite subjects: sex and sensuality, politics, the lone voice reaching out to the world for camaraderie and getting as close as a poet can to finding it. Neruda wrote the book — wrote many, in fact — on how the personal and the political are inextricably entwined. Reading these poems feels like stumbling on a lost chapter. Plus he makes poetry fans and general readers alike swoon with lines like "Crossing the sky I near/ the red ray of your hair. Robyn Schiff remembers some of the deep, old qualities that many contemporary poets seem to forget — the way forms and sounds can meet with subjects to say unsayable things about the everyday world. The long, dense poems of her third book snake their way through the anxieties of new motherhood in the age of terror and rampant viruses ("my thermometer is digital and pink/ and its beep is my name/ being read from the book of life"), the buying of baby furniture, how "Everyone has a cousin Benjamin Bunny," and the trials of suburban neighborliness. It sounds tame, but it's not. Schiff can wake the ordinary, making it alien and widely alive, with the subtlest flick of a word. Karen Volkman's poems are inscrutable at first. They demand effort, but when examined these poems reveal depths teeming with microscopic life. After her previous two books, Spar , a seminal collection of love poems in prose, and Nomina , a sequence of nonsense sonnets, Volkman has relaxed mostly into free verse in which she can describe "false content,/ the splayed flower, arterial, like the premise of a door,". Source:

Can heirlooms really fit into your decor? - The Boston Globe

If it weren’t for heirlooms, my husband and I would be IKEA’s best customers. Our dining room furniture, our son’s bedroom set, and our bedroom furniture come from my grandparents’ apartment in Lowell. We have their regal Drexel mahogany dining table, a claw-foot buffet, and bureaus with ornately carved handles. Giving us furniture was their modest way of leaving a legacy. And yet: Every time I visit an ultra-modern abode, all angles and edges, I sigh a little. Our furniture is stately, very proper, and really quite brown. In fact, we could probably furnish the sets for the final season of “ Downton Abbey. ” Not ones to turn down free vintage objects, we outfitted our remaining rooms to match our bounty. Advertisement. Fortunately, we inherited mostly standard stuff with logical uses — even my grandfather’s Hummel figurines, which I dutifully showcase on kitchen windowsills between my aloe plants. But usually, heirlooms require serious familial compromise, not to mention decorating prowess. For instance, take the case of Kara Madden. Her great-grandfather was well-known New Yorker cartoonist Al Frueh. Several years ago, the family cleaned out a barn on his property and stumbled upon several unsigned paintings, which were distributed among relatives. Kara inherited a painting of a mother lifting up her daughter’s dress to inspect a diaper. “It appealed to me,” she says with a chuckle. “You’re always checking your kids’ diapers when they’re little. ” Kara took it home, framed it, and assumed it would hang above the living room fireplace. Her slightly mortified husband, Sean, had other ideas. He insisted they relegate the diaper design to his wife’s office. “We don’t always share the same sense of humor,” she says. To keep the peace, she gamely hung the painting far from her husband’s gaze. “People end up seeing it anyway, and it’s a fun story. Plus, in my office, I can look at it all the time,” Kara says. Kara’s mother was less fortunate. The older lady received a wooden heart with a locket hinge that Frueh had made and given his wife as a Valentine. “My great-grandfather had a quirky sense of humor,” Madden admits. Her mother keeps the heart tucked away in a drawer, not in her. Source:
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Ending tonight! Vintage Doll House Furniture Painted Nursery Baby Lot Hearts Chest Cradle Stool via @eBay 02/07/16, @vintageroo
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